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Finger prick blood test

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The next time you get a blood test, you might not have to go to the doctor and watch vials of blood fill up as the precious fluid is drawn from your arm. Instead you can call us for a reportedly painless finger prick blood test.

We will send your home blood test kit through the post, you will then send your samples to our laboratory in the pre-paid envelope. We notify you once your results have been sent to us, we will send your results to you through email. Any abnormal blood test would be commented on.

The blood is truly a window into the health of the body. For years, professional athletes have utilized routine blood testing to monitor every type of health condition, from hormone levels to glucose and various vitamin deficiencies. A growing percentage of the general population is also taking advantage of the technology offered at clinics to improve their overall health and fitness.

These include tests for blood sugar, blood count, hormone levels and other crucial health markers. The following blood panels are available at S P Care Clinic without a doctor’s referral, and can give important clues related to hormonal imbalances, risk factors for chronic diseases, and more.