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Specialists in Ear Care, Early Memory Loss and Cognitive Function

Find out about our professional ear wax micro-suction treatment

Skin Lesion Treatment
Using the latest Cryotherapy technology
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Memory Assessments
Developed by Cambridge Cognition
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About SP Care Clinic

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S P Care Clinic is led by Mr Davies Consultant, Founder & CEO.  Mr Davies specialises in Micro-suction, Ménière's disease, Ear Disorders, Gerontology, Mild Cognitive Impairment, Memory, Cognition Disorders, Dementia, Memory assessments, Screening for Cognitive Impairment, Neuropsychological Assessment, Cholinesterase Inhibitors. 


Our ENT experts welcome you back to S P Care Clinic where we consider it a duty to continue to provide safe, comfortable and quick relief from hearing issues and ear pain at this time. Rigorous Covid-19 protocols include full PPE protection, disinfected clinic rooms to keep us all safe. We are vaccinated and checked on a regular basis for Covid 19 and our temperatures are checked every 24 hrs.

Home Test Kits

Our simple at-home
blood and allergy tests.

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Educational Courses

Introduction to Micro-
suction and Ear Care.

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Health Supplements

High quality multi-vitamins
and collagen supplements.

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Home Test Kits


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