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Our Dementia Consultant's, Gerontologist, are leading expert's in the field with years of experience, and run memory assessments at all clinics.

An early diagnosis is hugely important as it enables people with dementia to understand their condition, access treatments that could help relieve their symptoms and gives them time to plan for the future. Support following the diagnosis is also vital if people with dementia and their carers are to have the best quality of life possible.

Dementia is a progressive disorder that affects how your brain works and in particular the ability to remember,think and reason.
There are approximately 850,000 people in the uk with dementia, there are around 17,000 people who are under 65.
If dementia is diagnosed early enough there are lots of things that can be done to help you overcome problems and improve the quality of your life.

We have recently deployed the CANTABmobile system, developed by Cambridge Cognition, to offer the touch screen-based assessment

The assessment helps spot early memory problems, detection of which provides information to  be considered when making a diagnosis. While memory problems might have a number of explanations, older people can be concerned that they might be an early sign of dementia

We were very excited when we heard about CANTABmobile and were keen to offer this service, as we want to do all we can to assist people with memory impairment and, just as importantly, provide information that can help with the early detection of dementia,.

The assessment takes the form of a game and is carried out on an iPad. The results are immediately compared to a database of more than 5,000 people, so that an evaluation can be made as to whether a person's memory is 'normal' for their age, gender and level of education.

It's been shown that early detection of the issue is vital in helping people with memory loss and, if dementia is the cause, with dealing with the consequences of dementia. It won’t stop the disease, but it gives the person time to learn new skills and habits and may help minimize the impact of the symptoms.