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We now provide Coronavirus Covid-19 Home Testing Kits. These are tested at an accredited lab which are based in the UK, this test has been approved by PHE for use and also been CE certified and previously had FDA approval. The test identifies the IgG antibody, which often appears after an infection has occurred and remains after the patient has recovered. The manufacturer has reported 100% sensitivity, meaning that all patients with the antibody tested positive. They also reported a specificity of 99.6%, which is the proportion of healthy people who truly did not have the disease. This is one of the most accurate test results on the market.

IGG antibodies are believed to start developing at around 14 days but we can be more certain at around 28 days. We do not know how these antibodies then behave – whether the levels drop over time, for example. This test is helpful as the threshold for finding the IGG antibody is lower in laboratory testing than the instant kit so if you only developed a few coronavirus antibodies or had very mild symptoms and probably therefore a low viral load, this test would help you get the answers you need.

The results will be available within 2 working days of the Lab receiving your sample.

The antibody test is priced at £135 and available now. (sent via post).

To order please call us.